My O.N.E. Lifestyle



Meng is a world class athlete and has been involved in martial arts since the age of 3. By the age of 18, Meng received multiple black belts and has competed at the national and international level.  In conclusion of 2018, Meng is now a 3-time World Champion in 3 different sports. He was the first to claim 3 official world titles in 3 different disciplines/sports. Meng continues to pursue his athletic career and training to reach the highest level. Meng’s parents have been in the martial arts business for over 30 years and currently has over 30 locations in over 20 different countries.  Meng is certified instructor and currently the head instructor at the Meng’s Martial Arts Headquarters.  He works with students of all ages from 4 years old to 60+ years old. Balancing with his training and teaching, Meng is also continuing his education in the entrepreneurship program at University of Dayton. He wants to follow his parents’ footsteps and become an entrepreneur himself and he did just that.  With his love for helping others and his passion in martial arts, Meng wants to pass on knowledge and experience in hopes to help others reach their full potential.



Pulaski is an exercise and nutrition expert. He has been an enthused athlete for majority of his life. Pulaski was a varsity level athlete in multiple sports and finished his high school career as senior captain of both the varsity soccer and wrestling.  After high school he took full pursuit in his career path and continues to reach above and beyond. He has now taken a role as a middle school wrestling and special Olympic track and field coach for his hometown. Pulaski is also a certified care provider for children with developmental disabilities.  Pulaski is also went out and explore the business world in many different fields and has opened up his knowledge and experience in of the networking/marketing as well as insurance. He is certified in home/auto insurance. In a short amount of time, Pulaski quickly found a true passion for working with kids and making a difference in his community.